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Historic Timeline

1832: Site purchased by Henry C. Johnson and Hiram Nichols from Locks and Canal Company.

1834: “West India Goods Store” was erected, following the city’s stipulation that a building be no more than 12’ in height, constructed of brick or stone, with a slate or other incombustible roof.

1847: A pair of carpenters, Stephen Hodgkins and Edward Gannett purchase the building and add a second floor. Workrooms occupy the first floor and the pair reside on the upper floors.

1880s: The Gannett family continued to own the building throughout this time. Rear additions were completed and thus the unique triangular shape of the building was realized.

1889: John O’Donnell, a liquor dealer, purchased the building, transforming it from a dry goods store to a Hotel and Tavern.

1933-1941: Building known as Adelard N. Gerard’s Restaurant.

1942: Became known as “The Old Worthen.”

1989: Purchased by Manny Silva, who not only restored the building, but returned it to its name, “Worthen House.” The restoration revealed many interesting objects hidden within a panel behind the bar, including old liquor bottles, dishes and coins.

December 2002: The Hamourgas family purchased the historic Worthen House, welcoming guests with delicious food, fine spirits and a friendly atmosphere.



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